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Start Advertising on Amazon Today!

We're sure you have heard the hype around Amazon, it's real. If you want to begin advertising on Amazon, NW Media Partners is here to help you get started and to help you find success on the e-commerce giant. 

If you have any questions, contact us today!

Additional Amazon Information:


Advertise with Amazon

Connect your brand to Amazon customers wherever they share, read, listen, purchase, research and download online, across devices. The Amazon Advertising Platform is a demand side platform (DSP) that enables advertisers to programmatically reach Amazon and Advertiser audiences on Amazon sites and apps, across the web, and on devices.

Amazon Targeting Options

  1. CRM Matching – The unique ability to match customer email addresses against Amazon’s user base for remarketing and building lookalikes audiences to find prospective shoppers who exhibit similar buying behavior to that of our your own customer base. 

  2. eCommerce Remarketing

    1. Promoted Product Remarketing – Remarketing to shoppers who have recently visited pages for the products you are promoting, but not yet purchased.

    2. Brand Remarketing – Remarketing to people shopping for other products of your brand.

    3. Similar Product Remarketing – Leveraging Amazon’s “similarity engine” to target shoppers of other products similar you are promoting. 

  3. In-Market Segments – Targeting shoppers currently searching for products in specific categories.


Dynamic eCommerce Ads –  Dynamically inject product images and user reviews into Amazon's native ad units for higher purchase rates than standard display advertisements. 


NW Media will help you sieve through Amazon's audience and performance reports that show the impact of your advertising throughout the customer journey – from ad exposure to action. This includes unique insights such as brand halo conversions, which help you understand how your campaigns drove results across your entire brand portfolio.

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